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Be a Stud Not a Dud

Will you choose to be a stud or a dud?

A dud is the kind of guy who won’t take “no” for an answer, who thinks that it’s cool to make rape jokes, and who would leave a drunk friend behind without a safe ride home. A dud pretends that having consent just means that their partner doesn’t say “no”, when really it means so much more. A dud thinks it’s okay to have sex with someone who’s intoxicated. A dud doesn’t respect other people’s boundaries.

A stud handles rejection gracefully. He calls out sexism when he hears it, and always looks out for his friends. A stud knows that consent is an ongoing process between partners where both people are fully informed and enthusiastic about being together. A stud knows that someone who is intoxicated can’t give their consent. A stud respects other people’s boundaries, just like he expects others to respect his own.

You get to decide what kind of guy you want to be.

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